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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within Godmanchester.
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Signs needed to direct people on cycle to use the toucan here and then cycle around the corner to the second (not visible) toucan on Thrapston Road to cross to the cycle path on the north side.

There is no secure cycle parking at the visitor centre and cafe. Please add to encourage cyclists to visit.

Bridge over ditch is very narrow and has barriers meaning tricycle riders and child trailers cannot access the cycle route to Grafham Water. A wider bridge is needed.

The cycle way is grass and mud. It needs a decent surface.

Dropped kerb needed to allow cycles to leave the road and use the cycle path northwards.

Narrow road with tight bends and rises / dips but very popular with cyclist going to Grafham Water. Speed limit needs reducing to 40 mph for the safety of all road users.

Very popular location for cycling and the road's speed limit needs to recognise this by being a 40 mph limit.

Lots of people on bikes from novices on hire bikes to the more experienced. So to enable safe cycling the speed limit needs to be reduced also for the high level of traffic entering and exiting the Marlow car park.

Narrow shared-use path, basically only marked in the other direction - but there is some street lighting at this end.

This is too narrow to be much use as a shared-use path.

This is marked as a shared-use path in the other direction, but it's too narrow to be much use anyway.

Introduce two way cycling in pedestrianised area

Two way cycling along one way street

The large dual use paths (from the east) road end after which there are quite a few blind corners on single track road. A dual use footpath-cycleway would be useful. From the entrance to Covance to the t junction that goes to Alconbury

Cycleway from Alconbury to Brampton. This is the northern end of a short section which doesn't have an asphalt surface, perhaps because it is not finished. The asphalt surfacing restarts in about 300m. More photos: https://www.cyclest ... [more]

Too narrow for cyclists and pedestrians

Safe cycle way required length of road to Great Paxton and beyond. Currently regular near misses between vehicles and cyclists

Footpath is too narrow for shared use and safe social distancing. Cycle path needed along road.

Barrier needed between cycleway and road - 60mph limit, very dangerous to cycle next to the road, no kerb or barrier between road and cycle path.

Cycle path needed next to road to access Hail Weston paths

Transform bridge width and with ramps suitable for cycleway

Transform bridge width and with ramps suitable for cycleway

Cars travel far too fast and overtake dangerously.

Cycleway connecting The Offords to St. Neots. Cars travel far too fast and overtake dangerously.

Cycleway connecting The Offords to Godmanchester.

Can the overgrowth along The Thicket be better maintained to allow for improved social distancing? It's difficult for peds to do so plus cyclist too.

Need cycleway along B1040 to connect St Ives with new cycleway to Hilton, currently it stops after new bridge!

Need cycleway along A1096 to connect St Ives with new cycleway to Hilton, currently it stops after new bridge!

Create a cycleway alongside Sawtry Way between St Ives and RAF Wyton as cycling along this road is scary!

Dangerous corner which motorist tend to cut, endangering cyclists.

Shared cyleway/footpath is very narrow and a fence needs to be erected to protect people for buses passing the site at 56mph.

With the alternations to the station, there need to be suitable cycle routes to town centre and station around the ring road and from Hartford, Brampton, Godmanchester and Stukeley.

The shared footpath from the Bridge to the Avenue stops abruptly at the Black Bull. There should be acycleway all through Godmanchester along Post Street, Cambridge Road out to Cow Lane, and along the Causeway and London Road out to Romans ... [more]

Cycleway from Vindis roundabout to Fenstanton is poorly maintained and inadequate for mixed cycle/pedestrian use.

Add Toucan crossing to link cycleways either side of dual carriageway

Never worked out whether this is pavement or a shared use path around this path. Poorly signed and narrow if shared use, could be widened

Confusing cycleway which is narrow and shared use. Poorly marked. Road is a busy and fast alternative. Widen existing off road cycle path and include better signage

Bad crossing, poorly marked, poor visibility, requires a tight turn

Lots of parked cars, and busy with bikes and pedestrians leads to conflict of interest. Pavement not very wide either. Make this no parking on the road, which would help to reduce traffic.

Poor visibility on this crossing on a fast junction

Poor visibility on this crossing on a fast junction

Cycle path does confusing things and not well marked. Cars from supermarket, pub and main road make it hard to negotiate

Another horrible crossing.

Bushes along cycle path need regularly cutting back

Poor crossing from other cycle path, but important route into town. Cycle path just disappears

Nasty crossing over a busy road by a roundabout that has poor visibility of cars coming off it. Requires a tight turn that I imagine is difficult for trikes, cargo bikes and trailers. Once over the road, the cycle path disappears abruptly a ... [more]

Need a cycle bridge (or underpass) here to connect Buckden and Perry

Cycleway needed along A1123 between Huntingdon and St Ives

Cycleway needed here to link up roundabouts at either end, both of which have cycleways beyond

Cycleway from St Ives to Bluntisham needs to continue along this stretch. Currently signposted through Needingworth, but that's a large detour. There's plenty of room next to the very wide road

Accessway too narrow for simultaneous pedestrian and cycle usage. Cyclist have to dismount

cycleway not wide enough

Cycleway crosses road in 50mph limit with poor visibility. Needs to continue on same side

There's a shared-use path alongside the A1123, but it changes sides several times without any kind of crossing, which makes it fairly useless.

It's pretty poor that on purpose-built new infrastructure, cyclists on NCN route 51 should have to take a sharp turn and use a zebra crossing.

Odd - there was no indication of a shared-use path until it suddenly ended.

Shared use footway alongside American Lane ends with a Cyclists Dismount.

Poor finishing on the new Love's farm development - no dropped kerb on one side and a pretty high step on the other.

Recently upgraded surface through 'The Thicket'.

End of the direct route from Houghton to St Ives - signposting needed.

Start of asphalt route to St Ives - totally unsigned.

Cheap shared-use path by a busy main room - there's plenty of scope for a good riverside route in the park to the right.

Crossing needed to link cycleways here

After a couple of hundred metres on a half-decent shared-use path, cyclists have to cross back to the other side of the A road.

There's a half-decent shared-use path from Houghton to Huntingdon - crossing to the far side of the A road for a few hundred metres, then crossing back.

Dangerously narrow shared-use path by the A road between St Ives and Huntingdon

Dangerously narrow shared-use cycleway

Road closure leading to St Neots bridge and Market Place - could be hugely improved for cycling.

Cut-through into large housing development - dropped kerbs needed.

Cyclists have to use the zebra crossing to reach the start of the cycleway at St Ives!

Cyclists are supposed to leave the cycleway on the shared-use footway to the right, but many will want to use the road here.

Dropped kerb needed here for access to the cycleway.

Awful section of cycleway - no pretence of having finished it, which is acceptable if it really is raised above flood level soon.

New Ouse Viaduct (Guided Bus replaces railway) with very narrow path under construction. Path is to be dedicated as public bridleway, but is too narrow and frighteningly close to fast-moving buses.

Only footpaths alongside the river in St Ives, though it would be a useful cycle link (St Ives seems like an unpleasantly car-dominated town - signing of cycle routes to the centre would make a huge difference, rather than all signs leading ... [more]

Beware of slippery surface through ford or steps and narrow bridge

Cycle link from St Neots to the shared-use path along the A1 - rubbish!

Cycle route into St Neots from the A1 - that's it straight ahead

Rubbish shared use cycleway in Huntingdon.

Rubbish shared use cycleway in Huntingdon. Lampost here, dismount at the crossing. terrible!

It's hard to believe, but the cycle path really does suddenly end like this! The shared use sign has been turned round, presumably in disgrace. It looks like they are expecing a tunnel link through to the car park area beyond.

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